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In a hurry or due to other reasons sometimes we forget allots of things. A few of that we forget is not mean so much and some are expensive. Missing anything is a sudden happening and people are not ready for that.  

Shoes are the most important thing in every person’s life went on the job or at a picnic or at any other place we cannot walk without shoes. It is not wrong that shoes are an important part of daily. If your shoes are torn and you don’t have enough money to buy new and the same kind of shoes then Heel and sole man is giving a service of repairing shoes sole at a reasonable price and make it more reliable for some years. 

Shoes repairing: 

It is better to repair shoes than buy new ones. Because buying a new shoe and through the old one if it can be repaired, is just a waste of money. Saving money is a key factor to grow, prodigality leads to financial issues in life. 

 Key cutting: 

In case if keys of car or house are lost then don’t be a hassle, but take a breath and call an expert that knows how this problem be sorted out at a fast pace. So if you locked in or out of home or your car has been locked and you want to urgently reach out then Heel and sole man is always ready at just a phone call and with an expert solution, a key cutter is ready for assist. A car key cutting in Brisbane is an art and Heel and sole man know that art. 


Engraving is a practice to make any design on a hard object. Engraving work is mostly used on name badges, medals, labelling, badges or trophies. Engraving is a work that needs expertise and a well-trained can just this finely.  

Some people think that repairing shoes, key cutting, engraving or bag repairs in Brisbane is just a small work and does not have more value. But if you lose your car key or tore your favourite shoes then this work will see more worthy.  

Heel and sole man is a store that can do multiple things. It has multiple skilled labours and all are experts in their work and can do work in less time more efficiently. Meanwhile,  if your favourite shoes are torn or your car or home keys are lost or you need a new remote car key, Heel and sole man is always have a solution for every small problem. With years of experience and six stores in different places makes it more reliable.  

People who care about you always assist you in getting rid of issues and try to sort out problems. Heel and sole man are also caring about his people and always strive to solve the issues of people with in short period so that people don’t bother longer.