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Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED downlights

The LED lighting has changed the world. If we look into the history of bulbs it has come from filament bulbs to LED lighting under a century. LED lighting has become the primary lighting source because of the benefits it offers. Comparing it to old lighting technology, there are so many advantages that come with LED lighting that now it seems irreplaceable.

Energy Efficiency:

Undoubtedly nothing can match the energy efficiency of the LED. The use of LED has reduced electricity consumption by 50% to 60%. Otherwise, if we have been using the old technology for lighting, we might start facing an electricity shortage. The energy efficiency helps get more light output with less electricity consumption. Even you can enhance the energy efficiency by installing led downlights in australia, they help to improve the energy efficiency plus increase the output of the light. This energy efficiency does not translate into energy consumption only. But due to reduced energy consumption, the financial savings are very significant. This is the reason that people prefer to spend on LED because it helps to achieve long term savings in electricity bills.

Long Life:

The problem with the bulb is that it has a short life. Usually, it lasts for 2-3 months and then you have to replace but when it comes to LED downlights, they can go for long. The average life of LED can range from 20,000 to 50,000 hours depending upon its size and watts. The LED downlight has a life of up to 100,000 hours. The LED downlight of 100,000 hours can go for years, depending upon your use. Everyone wants that once they have installed their lighting, they don’t have to change it for years.


With energy efficiency and low consumption of electricity, the LED downlights are eco-friendly. The less consumption of electricity means you have to use the less natural resource to produce electricity. This is the reason that the world has rapidly shifted to LED lights because they did not save money but they are perfect for the environment. There are not UV emissions from LED and unlike bulbs, there are no heat emissions from LED lights.

Design: The LED downlights are offered in multiple designs and sizes; this option was limited in the case of bulbs or tube lights. But in the case of LED, there is high design flexibility. Also, the LED provides flexibility in terms of connectivity. You can easily connect them in multiple ways. The other good thing about LED is that it can also be available in multiple colours, they provide variety in terms of size, power output, shape or colour. These all were not available in the traditional bulb. The LED downlight has become an integral part of the residential and commercial building now. Even we cannot imagine having any other lights than LED lights. They are now a permanent part of our life.